Multilingual festivities at the city of Thessaloniki, 2014

The Thessaloniki festival and its multilingual identity for a second year – accompanied with a series of events which form a plexus of languages and cultures, at the center of Thessaloniki and more precisely, at the “heart” of our city which symbolically situated at the City Hall.

More than 130 activities were held last year (2013) for threeImage days and they are being prepared for the year 2014, on May and June 2014, with the participation of the entire city and its institutions, its Consulates, its schools and its voluntary associations; with the priceless help of parents, teachers, migrant associations and ethnic communities of Thessaloniki.

The multilingual coffee corner welcome the passengers and the habitants in order to offer them the experience, out of school’s context, of an atypical education of living languages from native speakers –from a rich repertoire.

Multilingual workshops, labs, intercultural experiments, round tables, artistic performances, music, games, intergenerational narrations. All languages present, one near another, in a circle, with simultaneous access to their booth stand. Dialogues, language’s games between parents, children and their teachers, between consuls, […], interviews, radio programmes, twinnings between cities which celebrate the languages annually. Especially, the organisation has been and still continues to be a matter of partners’ synergies who voluntarily participate throughout the whole year forming a network, rather a plexus and a co- conception on which multilingualism constitutes in vivo and not in vitro.



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