Thessaloniki : City of multilingualism

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Thessaloniki : City of multilingualism

Invitation to the first open meeting to organize the multilinguism fair, Thessaloniki 2014

The members of the Committee «Language itineraries». Thessaloniki City of multilingualism invites you for the first meeting for the preparation of  the multilinguism fair that will take place in May and June 2014 in the New Town Hall.

The purpose of the meeting is  to inform volunteers about the eventual future participation in the multilinguistic and multicultural actions of the working group and to share  ideas too.

The meeting will take place in the Council Chambers of the Town Hall  of Thessaloniki on Tuesday 18th February at 6pm.

The groups, organisms bodies and teachers wishing to participate, are kindly requested to get informed from contact the organizing team and to share any points of views and ideas concerning  the festivities.

The timeline that will lead the discussions will be :

Suggested Agenda Programme

Opening – Introduction from the organizing team

Presentation of the planned programme


Closing remarks

You can also visit our Facebook pages and add anything of your own events relative to  multilingualism :

Feel free to send us your material, information and news on our festivity’s e-mail

Best regards

The working group «Language itineraries. Thessaloniki City of multilingualism 2014»

Antonis Karoupis (Vice-major in charge of education of the youth and permanent education)

Sophia Aslanidou (Head of the Municipality’s communication about information and cultural events)

Argyro Moumtsidou (expert in plurilinguism and didactics of cultures and languages, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)


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