Information in order to prepare your participation


Information in order to prepare your participation

This form must be completed and returned by e-mail for the latest on Thrusday, 20th March 2014


Organisms / Schools


Name of the person in charge (action and communication)


Phone number of the person in charge of communication


E-mail of the person in charge


Fax of the person in charge



Kind of actions


1. Intervention

Music / Theater / Pantomime / Dance / Video

Other     Details :


2. To each langage one space (knowing langages and dialects)


3. Multilinguistic workshops


4. Conferences and discussions


5. Multilinguism’s cafe


6. Involvement in the project : «I adopt a langage, I meet a culture»


7. Photographying or sending an artistic work about differences and similarities that I find between me and the people around me. Involvement in the realization of a global picture, geographically (and historically ?) speaking, of the langages in Thessaloniki and involvement for the photographic exhibition: «All similarily different and all differently similar»


8. Food from all over the world

9. Multilinguism Radio broadcast. With the participation of pupils, communities, organisms through meetings, explanations, narratives, presentations… The relation that Greece and the Greek people have with world langages on the web-radio StarClassic Radio.


10. To conclude, volunteers could present their works about multilinguism in radio broadcasts «Encounters of cultures» on FM 100.6 or on the web-radio



Brief description of your activity


– Who are we ?


– What are we going to do ?


– Title and brief description of our activity


– Who can participate in a workshop in case of this activity is linked to the workshops for multilinguism and multiculturalism ?


– How long will it last ?


– What do we need ? (microphones, computer, projection equipment, help to set up scenery…)


– Other useful details






NB1. The equipment that is furnished, as well as the computer, are so only for the people who are participating in the festivities


NB2. You must send the details of your participation only to this e-mail adress :




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