CfP for the 3rd Celebration of Multilingualism!

The Municipality of Thessaloniki in association with ΔΕΠΘΕ are inviting you to participate to the 3rd Celebration of Multilingualism-Language Itineraries, Thessaloniki, Multilingual city, 2015, on 22nd-23rd-24th May 2015.

The 3rd Celebration of Multilingualism intents to present as many languages, dialects, communication codes and multicultural events as possible, inviting citizens of Thessaloniki, the wider region and the Balkans.

Our goal remains to point out the significance of the above concerning the understanding of ourselves and of the world around us.

Educational, artistic and social activities, social forums and academic lectures will take place during the Celebration.

Our invitation is addressed to Organizations, Language Associations, Schools or any individual who would like to share with us the language or languages he or she speaks / loves as well as information concerning the his/ her civilization which will allow us to know him/ her better.

Our invitation is also addressed to Non-Governmental Organizations, citizens and any other institution interested in cultural pluralism, the contact of Languages and Civilizations in society, the integration and movement of groups of people speaking a different language, the defense of the right of any society to be able to provide complete and alternative educational opportunities to its citizens. As our goal is to strengthen mutuality and encourage social and cultural coherence, we consider it quite important to become acquainted and deeply understand the people of Europe and mainly students of Europe, the common European and Mediterranean identity which we share and which is developed by history itself.

The participation of Institutions, Organizations, Consulates, Embassies, scientists and researchers, European and International forums, international networks of similar Celebrations or Festivals, but mainly the participation of citizens allow us to present a multitude of activities, innovative, typical and non-standard educational formulas.

In the program of activities you can find:  pavilions of languages, games, dances, legends and fairy tales, workshops of multilingualism and calligraphy workshops, poetry, creative writing, open talks, concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions, discussions, conventions, participation in radio programs. The events have an interactive and intergenerational character and during the Celebration innovative suggestions on education will be presented as well as information concerning people travelling and living in different countries and following integration programs.

For the preparation of the whole event, advice, guidance and support material will be provided during meetings with the scientific director of the Celebration, Moumtsidou Argyro, in order to inform and sensitize teachers. The meetings will be taking place every 15 days. The meeting place will be announced during the first Preparation Meeting.

The event is supported by the Greek – French Organization International Diadrasis and its networks of European Celebrations of Multilingualism.

Sponsors: ΔΕΠΘΕ and the web radio

Organizational Committee:

Chrisidou Elli, Civilization, Education and Sports Deputy Mayor, President

Telidis Anastasios, Municipal Consultant of the Municipality of Thessaloniki on Education

Stangos, Municipal Company of Information, Communication and Spectacles (ΔΕΠΘΕ)

Fotopoulou Diamanto, head of the Department of Programs, Education and Lifelong Learning of the Division of Education and Sports of The Municipality of Thessaloniki.

Scientific Guidance:

Argyro Moumtsidou, Scientific associate of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on issues of Multilingualism and Intercultural Teaching



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