INFORMATION NOTE for the 4th FEAST of MULTILINGUALISM Language paths, Thessaloniki, a multilingual city 2016

The Feast of Multilingualism was launched as a new institution for the city of Thessaloniki, a unique event for all of Greece, in June 2013 with a view to create a common place where:

  • Groups speaking other languages in the city and their communities
  • Consulates and Embassies of all countries represented
  • Teachers and schools of the region
  • Institutes, educational and cultural associations, as well as parents’ associations
  • NGOs
  • Private and public bodies of the city
  • Language and Culture festivals and Fairs from Europe and other continents
  • Citizens of the world who participate in similar alternative peace and fellowman-ship movements

can present their achievements and cooperate.

The Multilingualism Feast is organized by the Municipality of Thessaloniki,

Directorate of Education and Sports, Department of Programs and Lifelong

Learning, the Municipal Information, Spectacles and Communication Company, with the support of bodies and educational institutions within

Greece and abroad. This year’s events will be held on 27th-28th & 29th May.

The events will take place at the New Town Hall.

The main objective of the Feast is to promote the idea of pluralism and the continuity as an experience of a society, although in transition, is participating actively in the movement of cooperation, the awakening of the Person as part of a society, the solidarity and the social interaction inside and outside its borders.

The Multilingualism Feast includes: round tables, theatrical performances, music and dance performances, screenings, multilingual workshops, research projects, the Multilingualism Cafe, memory and photography exhibitions, lectures, thematic cycles of research and of academic interest, seminars workshop style, language stands, tributes to writers focusing on pluralism, the interchangeability, the networking and interaction, citizens open knowledge workshops with parents, teachers and students, open discussions, multilingual literacy and calligraphy, the civic table and the emergence of transnationalism of local  cookery etc.

The organization includes eight (8) participatory workshops involving teachers, institutions and citizens having as a basis the innovation “Awakening referring to Languages and Cultures” and reference to a sustainable human development as the Face of History. The participating non-formal education workshops will be held in March (2), in April (3) and in

May (3). Language paths – Awakening the Person, Thessaloniki 2016 – a critical review and expansion of operations of the Multilingualism Fair for a participatory fair of a non-formal education and an academic inclusion of citizens. The important outcome remains the joint partnership. The mutual inclusion in the non-formal and spontaneous daily routine which produces a constantly evolving culture. 




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