1st Multilingual Café

Dear all,
We invite you to participate in the 1st Multilingual Café, organized by the Municipality of Thessaloniki, in the context of the 6th Multilingual Festival.
Τhe Program of the 6th Festival of Multilingualism is going to last one week with regional events and events, with emphasis on literacy, multilingualism and art on the road.
The 1st Café of Multilingualism will include presentation of actions of the previous Festivals as well as exchange of languages, multilingual narrations and presentations. Also, the new areas, where the actions of 6th Festival will be taken place, will be presented.
You are invited to talk about the languages and cultures of your/our city, to learn about various educational activities, get familiar with informal education, think, be moved by narratives of myths and fairy tales, to share your own language trip, new ideas for project plans and efficient multilingual practices inside the community and for the education.
The Café Multilingualism aims to entertain through learning and get familiar with other languages and cultures by building networks and fields of communication.
We await you in the belief that the 6th Multilingual Feast can contribute to open and spontaneous education, aligning beliefs and visions towards our audiences.
Visit the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1639211392839809/
At the same time, you may present relevant actions on the page of the multilingual educational research team. Enter https://langtrips.wordpress.com/
Communication sponsors: City Radio (FME) FM 100 / FM100.6 / TV 100. Internet radio: StarClassic.gr

For more information, please contact the employee of the Department, Mr. Ioannis Stathopoulos, at 2313 318665 and the Scientific coordinator Dr Argyro Moumtzidou at 6944 472665.

Καφε Πολυγλωσσιας2



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