Invitation to the organization of the 5th Festival of Multilingualism

Hellenic Republic Thessaloniki, 31st of March 2017
Prefecture of Thessaloniki Protocol No. 1188
Municipality of Thessaloniki
General Directorate of Administrative
& Financial Services
Directorate of Education and Sport
Programs and Lifelong Learning Department To:
Address: Kleanthous 72 Regional Directorate of Primary
Postcode: 54453 and Secondary Education of
Project coordinator: Dim. Siakavaras Central Macedonia
Contact no. 2313 318664 Av. Georgikis Scholis 65 e-mail: 57001

The Municipality of Thessaloniki, through the Programs and Lifelong Learning Department of the Directorate of Education and Sport, and the Municipal Company of Information, Spectacle, and Communication invite you to the new Thessaloniki City Hall (Municipal Conference Hall), on Tuesday, the 4th of April 2017, at 18:00 to participate in an open discussion regarding the organization of the events for the 5th Multilingualism Festival that will take place on the 26th-27th-28th of May 2017.
During this event, we will discuss our experiences from the four previous Multilingualism Events and recommend new collaborations, networking frameworks, mobility, and communication, as well as new in-depth lines of action regarding our society’s transition towards new prospects. We uphold the belief that the relationships between the people who participate in the Multilingualism Festivals are positively stimulated all the rest of the time, thus creating a network of common, complementary, activities.
Your presence is considered necessary for the preparation and more successful organization of the festival. You will have the opportunity to be informed about the scheduling of the activities, to familiarize you with the venues where the events will take place, as well as be under the guidance of new participating bodies.
We invite you to forward this document to all the schools of the Regional Directorate Primary and Secondary Level Education of Central Macedonia, so that the educators, school counselors, and Language Center teacher representatives can be informed about the above actions.
We thank you in advance for your collaboration and are at your disposal for any further information via our contact phone numbers 2313 318664 and 2313 318665.

-Information sheet
Internal Distribution:
– Directorate for Education and Sport
– Programs and Lifelong Learning Department